Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Delayed update!

Well, I know I missed my usual update day (Sunday), but I was a little busy and so the update is a couple of days late. Better late than never, right?

The interesting stuff:
- My netbook arrived!! The Ubuntu liveUSB image worked perfectly (wireless, etc. was all fine) and I installed it, yet I haven't been using Linux much on this thing, since I haven't had the time to test the battery life in Linux yet, or to optimize it (with the "normal" profile for the samsung power manager in Windows I get 6-7 hours). It's all on the plan for the summer, just haven't quite made it there yet. It's surprisingly roomy (keyboard is easy to type on, the screen has more than enough space for stuff, etc.). Also, readability outdoors is pretty good too (even though it's a glossy screen), which is very good. I don't know what the computer was like with 1GB of RAM, since I upgraded the RAM the moment I got it, but with Google Chrome, Skype and Notepad++ running (besides the usual background processes of Dropbox, bluetooth, gmail notifier, etc.) it's at 615MB of RAM.
- Tested Xmonad, which is nice. The only issue I have with it at the moment is that floated windows are always on top, which is bad (since I float Skype, but don't necessarily move it to a different workspace). Config files aren't too confusing either.
- Wrote my FCM article on Irssi and MOC

The not so interesting:
- Set up windows with all the stuff I needed on my netbook :P

That's it for now! If you have any requests for entries, just comment. I'll be updating again in two weeks time.