Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Google Wave invites!

Well, end of last week I finally got an invite for Google Wave from one of the guys I asked for one from. Actually, I got 2 invites (got the second one a few hours later from someone else), but passed that invite link on to a friend of mine who was interested. However, I have now gotten 8 invites from Google Wave in order to invite new people. I've already used 3 of them for friends of mine that I actually know and who are interested. That being said, I have 5 invites left for people I don't actually know :P I will be updating the count on this blogpost. If you're interested, leave me a comments, with your email address, and I'll add the first 5 commenters to the list (first come, first serve). Keep in mind, it's a beta, and so there ARE issues with the system (slow, lagging, crashing, etc.). However, I haven't had too many problems in the time I've used it.

After I "invite" you, the invitation won't actually be sent until Google deems their system capable of handling more users, and will then manually send out an invite to the people on the list. This means that you should expect delays in the invitation. I got my invite in about 36 hours, but some people have had to wait weeks. There is nothing you can do to speed the process up, just be patient.

Good luck and enjoy,

Invites are all gone. I'll be adding another blogpost when/if I get any more invites to give out.
0 of 8 Invites left!