Thursday, December 17, 2009

View Revision3 shows on your Xbox 360 Via TVersity

Recently I purchased an xbox360 for games + videos (HD playback). After setting up my HDMI to DVI cable to my monitor and the standard TV cable to my speakers, I started trying to figure out how to stream my media (matroska backups of most of my DVDs) to my xbox, I stumbled upon TVersity, which is a free (well, there is a free version) Media streaming server. In order to set it up, I had to do the following:
  1. Remove all my old codecs (mainly just DivX codecs for me).
  2. Install Combined Community Codec Pack
  3. Download and install TVersity. Ensure that you do not install the TVersity codec pack.
  4. Once TVersity is installed, you have to change the following settings:
  • Set Media Playback Device to Xbox360 (optional)
  • Ensure that the "automatically start media server" box is checked.
  • Under transcoder settings, change: transcode: "when needed"; change the maximum video resolution to the largest possible video you'll stream; Change "Windows Media Encoder" to Version 9; Optimize quality; Change WLAN to LAN (if you are on a LAN)
Once you've changed these settings, if you go to your xbox360, and go to the System Settings, and run a network connection test for PCs, and let it wait until it discovers the TVersity server on the PC. If it doesn't work the first time, ensure that your firewall and router allow connections on the port specified in the general settings of TVersity. Once the server is recognized, you're ready to start adding Revision3 shows to your media library on TVersity.

The way I do it, is to head to "RSS and Podcast Feeds" choose "Video Feeds", and use the rss feed of the specific show I want (if you're on the revision3 page for the show, it's listed as "Episode RSS Feed"). Choose the quality/type of video feed you'd like from the list, and copy the URL into a new item in the TVersity rss feeds window. You might want to add tags or titles to the feeds (I just used the names of the shows), in order to keep track of what was there.

Once you've added the feeds, let them sync up (might take a few minutes), and then restart the MediaServer (might not be necessary, but I was required to do it before my xbox could find the feeds). Once that's complete, go to your Videos Library on the xbox, choose the TVersity server on your computer, and head down to "RSS & Podcasts", and choose the show you want to watch. You're then greeted with an unsorted (I can't get it to be sorted by date, but it's probably possible) list of the episodes. If you know which one you want, you can sort by title to find it easier. Choose the video you want to play, and install any new updates (I needed an update for my xbox for mpeg4 HD videos), then sit back and enjoy your show!