Sunday, November 9, 2014

Review: Learning Zurb Foundation by Kevin Horek

Zurb Foundation is a framework that offers many capabilities for any website, and this book manages to illustrate the ins and outs of most of them.  The book is structured well, and each example includes the code, and a description of what the result should look like.  Unfortunately, for many of the early chapters there are no diagrams or screenshots of what the results should look like.  The introductory chapters may actually be the chapters where readers run into issues, as opposed to the last chapters, and so it seems a little remiss.

The language in the book is easy to follow, while remaining formal enough to sound professional.  The examples given, as well as the premise of the book (prototyping via Foundation) are both applicable, and useful.  The second half of the book is dedicated to creating a prototype, as well as focusing on what’s required to run foundation in your project.  Some of the chapters on configuring your project folder seemed a little brief for those unfamiliar with the tools being used, but overall conveyed all important information.  This is hardly a fault, as the book is focused more on using Zurb Foundation than installing it (which is covered fairly well on their website as well).

To sum up:  The book is a well-written example of how to use Zurb Foundation to create a prototype, while offering some further information into the features available, as well as how to configure and test your website.  While it could use a few more visual examples in the introductory chapters, it is otherwise a good resource for developers interested in using Foundation to prototype websites.

The book can be found here, if you're interested.

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