Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Monitor (22")

Bought myself an Asus X223W 22" Monitor the other day, and it's great! Clean, crisp picture, DVI connection, and a 2500:1 contrast rate (not the highest, but it's great for what I use it for).

Here are some pics (of the monitor and of the PC setup):

I apologize for the bad quality pic in the dark, but it seems turning off the flash on my camera creates a delay between pressing the button and the camera taking the picture, which is hard to keep steady during that time. Did the best I could folks! :P

Also, I'm in the process of writing myself a website for Linux-oriented content such as videos, downloads (useful tools, wallpapers, themes, videos, etc.), my blog, and whatever else I can think of. Depending on how it turns out I may find a host for it and migrate this over to the new site. If that happens I'll be sure to write a blog entry here. It's hard to judge if this is necessary, as I'm not sure how many people actually read this blog. Lol, oh well.

Have a good summer everyone, mine's nearly over.


Anonymous said...

Nice monitor :O

Enryo said...

Yeah, very nice monitor!

Tyler said...


Tell me when you get the new Linux content up!

Lswest said...

Will do, glad you like the monitor! Chances are I'll put a nice long blog post on here once the linux content is up, and then keep using the blog for a while, since I will have to migrate what I"ve done so far.

Wonderboy said...

GASP. Is that Windows running?

Lswest said...

Yeah, that it is. The PC dual boots ArchLinux and XP (Had a copy...might as well used it, eh?)