Saturday, April 4, 2009

An update (very delayed, sorry!)

Sorry about the slow updates on my blog here, I've been kinda swamped with school work, writing articles for Full Circle, and such that I haven't been able to think of things to write when I did have time (or I just simply didn't have time). I am now, however, setting aside every other Sunday of the month (second and last sunday of each month) to updating this blog (short of when I have exams, or when I'm off on Summer vacation, but I'll leave a notice as to how long I'll be gone). Over Summer vacation I'll probably be writing a lot, and so I'll just be unable to post them until I return.

A few things I'm working on these days:
- A website about Linux along with a wordpress blog, and once it's finished I may find hosting for it and use that instead, but I will see how it turns out first.
- Learning Python thoroughly
- Studying for exams
- Planning my gap year out
- Writing for Full Circle

Changes to my computers:
- Both PC and Laptop are now running ArchLinux 64bit with Awesome 3.1
- PC will soon be running with 4GB of RAM

Things I plan on doing:
- LPIC-1 during my gap year
- Getting a second 22" monitor for my PC
- Getting a graphics tablet for my PC

Favourite programs these days:
- MOC (command-line music player)
- My ipod Touch (for checking emails and such without having to pull out my old clunky laptop)
- Conky (I added a to-do list and a shopping list to it using python and an assortment of text files)

That's all I can think of posting for this time. Anyone is free to post suggestions for articles, how-tos, and so forth and I will cover as many as I can. Also, I would like to get a rough estimate of how many people read this blog, so if you feel like just leaving a comment, please do so!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, just checked out Awesome and MOC - they both look pretty cool. I've been using mpd + ncmpc for music, but I think I'll be switching to MOC now. Good luck with Python by the way.

Lswest said...

Thanks, I really just need some ideas of what to code in Python as practice :P MOC is pretty useful and lightweight, never tried mpd to be honest.

Might give it a shot later,