Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Audio - Multiple Inputs to one set of speakers

I recently purchased myself a 4-way audio selector (this), and some 3.5mm jack to RCA adapters, allowing me to easily switch audio inputs between my xbox, PC, laptop (or tablet/phone) to my single set of speakers at my desk, making life a lot easier. The alternative was to a) hook my xbox up to the aux input on my speakers (but my xbox is much louder than my PC) and b) constantly switch said aux input. In total I spent about 25€ on this, and that's including all the cables I needed. If anyone is looking to do something similar, I highly recommend something like this.

The box is fairly small and unobtrusive, and has anti-slip tape on the bottom, making it easy to switch channels. Also, there's no popping or crackling when switching inputs, even if audio is already playing on the other input.

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