Sunday, June 15, 2008

Been Busy Customizing

Well, I had my first few exams on Friday, and so I had a bit more time to relax on the weekend. I spent that time, yup, you guessed it, playing with my ArchLinux install. I decided E17** just wasn't right for me, and went back to good ol' GNOME, and spent the next few hours changing icon themes, GTK themes, small tweaks, etc. etc. This morning I wrote a terminal script (in bash) to print out my theme information, and found one on the archlinux forums too.

** My reasons for switching is that E17 just isn't stable enough for me, the file browser had a few issues, and I couldn't get e_systray working right, so that it made it trickier when I accidentally closed skype, I'd have to kill it using htop or the kill command, which is a bit of a pain. It's a nice WM, and undoubtedly will be great when finally released, just the lack of updates and the instability it brings with it just made it too much of a hastle for me.

The Screenshots:

The terminal on the right has my script, and the left terminal has the script from the archlinux forums. Last screenshot is of my urxvt terminal, and the left two have the .Xdefaults file displayed, which is the config file for the terminal, for those interested, and the right two again are showing the theme info. Ah, just saw that the last line of the file is cut off. It should be:

urxvt*bolditalicFont: xft:DejaVu Sans Mono:pixelsize=11:antialias=true:bold:italic:autohint=true:hinting=true

About the Blog:

I'm open to suggestions on how-tos or OSes/Software readers would like me to review. Either post these in a comment to this thread, or email them to me. Also, comments on any of my posts are useful for feedback, improvement and to give me a general sense of how many people have actually read these posts.


I plan on updating this blog at least once a week, unless I get swamped with work, or, as will happen in the summer, I'm off on vacation, then updates may be a bit slower coming.


Currently I'm still in the process of reviewing Arch (next review will be Ubuntu VS Arch) and I'm busy trying out the new Opera 9.5, so that may end up being reviewed too. As always, I'm open to suggestions.

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