Friday, June 27, 2008

New PC arrived & Built!

Okay, well today the case for the PC (finally) arrived. Shortly after I had a lunch it was built (~1 hour spent on building it), and an hour or two after that XP was installed and fully updated on a 391GB partition (the rest is for Linux when I install it tomorrow). Everything works great, the only slight issue I had was that the PSU had a loose cable that slipped down when the PSU (which had to be attached upside down inside the case) was on, so that there was a clicking noise as the fan hit the cable. I took a pair of tweezers (do NOT try this at home without having unplugged your PSU and let it sit so any excess charge is gone!) and gently stuck the wire under the heatsink within the PSU so that it didn't fall into the fan anymore. Everything is great, except the 80mm fan on the case wall is a little loud, but I'll see if I can't manage it somehow.

Pictures (I'll upload some more later, at a better angle and after I fix up the cable mess):


smufkin said...

Very nice, very nice indeed.

Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect. Have fun with it!


David Steinlage said...

That thing looks fucking wicked!