Sunday, June 1, 2008


Well, I'm a Linux fanatic and this is my blog. I'll be posting useful how-tos, interesting infos, stories, and reviews on Linux systems that I use/test. Hopefully I'll update it regularly, but I've got exams coming up, and I may not be able to.

A bit about me:
I'm 17 years old, born March 25th, 1991.
I live in Germany and am Canadian/German.
I'm in a relationship with a great girl, and so, that may also be a reason why my updates may be slow in coming :P
I've used Linux since 2003, so about 5 years.
During my time using Linux I've installed Ubuntu, among others, but I always seem to end up at Ubuntu again either due to hardware drivers or other reasons. Planning on installing Arch on my laptop after I finish playing with it in a VM (use VirtualBox for all my virtualization). Of course, the results of that will show up here (eventually). I also help out at UbuntuForums using the name "lswest", so feel free to look me up if you're there too.

Also, this is what my Ubuntu system currently looks like:

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